Anonymous said: WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING SHIT ABOUT MEREDITH? Lmao I love that cat


Dude she looked so angry sitting there on the couch behind where we were talking to Taylor on the way in and I was like “Taylor is she always looking this annoyed?” And she was like “she doesn’t like people bc I got her when she was an older kitten but Olivia thinks she’s a person bc I got her when she was a baby so she really loves people like she thinks she’s human but Meredith is like wanting you guys gone.” But I love Meredith bc she actually like has such a personality it’s wonderful.


She calls olivia Dibbles


Taylor Swift “Brushes Herself Off” With New Album ‘1989’

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Taylor had this bar with all sorts of alcohol just sitting out, so when it was almost time to leave I walked up to Taylor and I was like “hey Taylor can we take a shot before we leave?!” And she was like “ooh like a Polaroid??” And I was like “no like a shot shot. I saw all of that alcohol over there…let’s take a shot!” And she like pushed my shoulder and laughed out loud and was like “hahaha no…that would be great for the rumors wouldn’t it?!”

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I got hit
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Enchanted 3D

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I was really inspired by this new song called “Shake it off”, so I decided to make a little tribute to it. If you take a look at the music video you´ll understand better what´s going on there. Damn you Taylor Swift, I can´t get that song out of my head :P